Foundation is a tool designed to underwrite deals and understand potential losses/profits at a portfolio level. We listened to what our clients wanted and delivered speed, ease of use, responsiveness and flexibility. Foundation lets a business evaluate deals quickly, consistently and using custom metrics.

Many of our advisors acknowledge that building software is hard, time consuming and very expensive. They've been doing it all this time because there was nothing better. Foundation changes all of this. It's fast, customizable and integrates with in-house systems. It lets you compete technologically with companies that have spent tens of millions on custom systems over many years. Improve your team productivity, cut operating expenses, develop unique metrics that drive enterprise value and protect what is yours. Let us help you grow.

Foundation is built for tomorrow using today's latest technologies. Our computation engine takes full advantage of cloud computing to deliver unparalleled performance. Our design combines off the shelf ease of use with customization capabilities that allow Foundation to fit your business, not the other way around. Your information is always safe and accessible using secure Cloud hosting and at rest encryption.

For more information go to our Foundation website.