Lead your Business in the Right Direction

Enhancing an existing system or replacing it with a new one requires 2 things. A good idea of what new functionality it must support and a complete understanding of what existing functionality must be maintained. The first part is easy but doing the second part is deceptively hard and causes many projects to blow their budgets and timelines.

To understand what the current system/process does it is necessary to either have reliable documentation or access to the minds of key individuals who know ALL the gory details. In many companies system documentation is either out of date or non-existent and individuals that understand the full proces are either overworked or have long since left.

Treefrog offers a System Process Documentation service where our trained architects and business analysts engage with your IT and subject matter experts to tease out this information and put it down in comprehensive, easy to understand form. The art of the process is not in simply recording and transcribing a conversation but understanding enough about software development to ask insightful questions, resolve apparent data conflicts and peel back the layers to reveal how things actually work.

Updated and accurate documentation allows you to reduce onboarding time, enhance troubleshooting effectiveness and increase the success rate of update or replacement projects.

Need documentation to map your business direction?
We can do that.