Untangle the Complex

Excel is one of the most commonly-used business tools on the planet. Its combination of speed, flexibility and programmability make it a logical choice for companies and individuals to perform complex tasks, build custom tools and store corporate data. Unfortunately, all the benefits of Excel are also its drawbacks because it encourages the proliferation of unstructured data and code. Consolidating data across multiple workbooks is difficult, time consuming and hard to replicate. It also creates individuals who become data gatekeepers. Without their continuous involvement it becomes progressively more difficult to run these tools and extract useful information from them.

We understand MS Word and Excel and love these tools. We also know how a 178-tab workbook that crashes every second time you open it can seriously interfere with the smooth running of a business. Our talented VBA gurus specialize in untangling these complex works, standardizing their data sources, centralizing their code and building repeatability into their operation. Treefrog will arm you with the tools to tame your Excel bloat, restore confidence in your process and liberate talented employees who have become prisoners of their own creations.

Need to consolidate and simplify complex data?
We can do that.