Have a Clear Path

Before a company can start building or buying a solution to some business problem, they need to understand this problem in a very technical, detailed way. Merely knowing that your process needs improvement is not enough to inform the crucial decision of what tools and processes can solve the problem. Details, specifics and workflow must be well-documented or the suitability of the solution will be compromised.

Treefrog understands how to quickly, efficiently and comprehensively analyze a business problem, find edge cases and document findings in a way that can guide subsequent tool selection or development approach. Our documentation is the deliverable of this analysis and forms a core part of organizational lore. It can be used as a reference document for training new employees or for help troubleshooting unexpected issues. Most of all, this document acts as a guardrail to ensure focus stays on what matters.

Need help analyzing a buiness problem?
We can guide the way.