Putting the Pieces Together

Most modern companies have several core software systems that are used in conjunction to run their business. Accounting packages, Risk management software, home-built tools and customer tracking systems are just some examples of what can be found inside a single organization. Most of the time these systems are not aware of each other and connections between them must be made by hand through double data entry, file uploads and other manual means of synchronization.

Treefrog Consulting has extensive experience building the glue that binds disparate systems together. We know the tricks required to tease out requirements, master 3rd party APIs and build robust solutions that keep systems in sync. Our process begins with review and, if necessary, creating system process documentation related to each system being integrated. We follow this with a thorough analysis of workflow to then build custom solutions that are resilient, report errors and function with minimal maintenance.

Need multiple systems to work together?
We can do that.